Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bitchassness: An Epidemic Among BM?

Last month, I said that I would never allow myself to call any BM damaged beyond repair because to me, that's the height of stupidity. IN my high handed way, I wanted to believe that no one is damaged beyond repair, most especially a Black man. After all, I came from a BM and I would never wish to say anything harsh about the man who gave me life, nor would I chose to disrespect the man who raised me.

That was then, this is now.

You see, Sara and I have recently come under fire by one of these DBR's because of the pictures and captions that we have on our blogs, and most assuredly because these captions are about Non-BM. Well guess what? This is my blog, and if you don't like what I placed under those pictures, how about you take Lupe Fiasco's advice and kick/push your ass on off my page?

Why are you so mad? Is it because you hate Gerard Butler because he showed mad love for and to BW, something which BMBs (Black Man/Boys, 'cause I refuse to call these emotionally crippled children men) are severely lacking? Or is it because you know deep down in your withered little black as coal tar heart that you'll never get the kind of love, adoration and appreciation from a BW that Gerard gets?

Being a woman who encourages Inter-ethnic dating is hard work, especially when you put yourself out here on the Internet, inviting all kinds of criticism kind of goes with the territory and I usually have about as much use for it as I do tits on a fish. I continue to do it because I love my sisters and I want more and better for and from you. But there is a down side to all of this. You end up being targeted by a lot of crazies like Mr. John Crawford, who wrote:

john crawford wrote: (and yes King of bitchassness, I'm leaving your name in here for everybody to see)

Hawt sex on a platter. Stifles moan and goes to change panties. Talk about stereotypes - you sound like an oversexed nigger bitch. Who cares that you sleep with white men. NO ONE CARES. There's a porn series called White Boy Stomp - it features one black women doing a gang bangs with several white men - right up your alley.

Oh, so because I called Gerard "Hawt Sex on a Platter" and because he's so fucking hot he makes me wet enough to go change my panties, I'm an "oversexed nigger bitch" who should be doing IR Gang bangs? GTFOOHWTBS!

Wow. So now that more BW are waking up and seeing for themselves that there is no limit to the kinds and ethnicities of men out here who will love, need and want you, this is what you have to deal with? BMB, you'd better wake up and smell that damned Sanka brewing, because as more and more BW realize that it's okay to date outside of their ethnicity, there will be more BW like myself, Sara, cw, Halima and others who are not afraid to advocate for even more BW to step outside of their comfort zone and get involved with loving, giving men of other ethnicities. And you can take that to the bank.

Another thing: You say nobody cares about me and other BW dating out, but it's kind of transparently obvious you do care about BW dating non-BMB because you took time out of your busy day to send me that email. Your bitchassness is showing again.

Why is it that when you decide that you no longer wish to focus your attention solely on what BMBs want, need, have to have, etc and showcase some of the beauty that is men of other races, BMBs want to get all up in arms and attack you? When you decide that BMB and the stupid shit that they do should no longer be allowed to live rent free in your mind, nor should you waste anymore time and energy on them, you get crazies who want to attack you and/or your blog, your decisions and basically try to reek havoc. That's when you know that you have arrived at a place where the decisions you have made have been correct, that your message is truth and some people are running scared as hell. Stupid morons just won't leave you alone, but that's okay. I know it's because they're feeling the heat in the kitchen... they're just too damned stupid to realize that it's becoming a raging inferno hat no amount of pretty words, empty promises and catchwords can put out.

Why should I have to censor myself in my online space just because ignorant asses/BMBs like John Crawford can't get a date with a woman of any ethnicity? But wait, it gets better *insert eye roll and sarcasm here*:

On Mon, Apr 21, 2008 john crawford wrote:

Awwwwwwwwww poor little Johnny. Is that just the best you could do? Since I have a very healthy dose of self confidence, I'm going to have to insist that you cease and desist on hating me because I'm beautiful *flips hair and fluffs the twins while adjusting glasses*. I may not be the prettiest or skintiest on the block, but unlike you, I can pull the men it seems to me you just happen to want. Don't be mad at me because I wouldn't have you even if you came with a 24 ct gold bar shoved in your mouth, a titanium battery powered dick and a bank account that puts Bill Gates or the Sultan of Brunei to shame. Learn to let go of that lack of self esteem babe. It makes you look weak.

You have been DISMISSED.

You know, I'm okay with crazies who want to attack my blog, and I wouldn't even have said anything if it hadn't been for him attacking Sara too. I go hard for my girls, and this time is no exception. John Crawford, you have been put on blast. Your bitchassness has been shown to the world and yes, I left your name in there because I'm an evil Black woman who does not take kindly to anybody messing with my family. You were warned, but you chose to ignore. Bitchassness needs to be illegal in BM, but instead, for some it's a character trait to aspire to. Just ask John Crawford.

Some words to live by for anybody who would like to change me, my friends or BW in general.

21 people feel me:

EdD said...

Well, it may have been the full moon that had them howling. Who knows what makes people go out of their way to say something foolish like that? Anyway, he never laid a glove on you, Nicole. You did just fine.

Taylor-Sara said...

Girl, you told him! I cannot beleive his nerve. It is so obvious he's angry because we are not supposed to ever think about non-brothas! tee hee. I wish I could have seen his face when he saw all those pictures! *covers faces and cracks up* This is too sweet!

BeautifulBlkWoman said...

Girl you know I had to blast him. I think that's going to become my specialty. Whenever the sisters get a fool wanting to act up, send him my way. I'm running a 2-for-1 sale on Hanging Dumbasses out to dry.

Hey Edd! Awwwww you're so sweet! *kisses you on the cheek*

Nikki_Cola said...

And Nicole wins by a knockout!!! I love reading your entries, they're such a breath of fresh air.

Miss Pinky said...

Wow.....Guts for days and days..lol !

CW said...

Excellent Nicole!

This is the very reason I leave the comments up on YouTube & let certain parties post on my blog for a spell...I want to show Black women that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.... Black women, let these contrarians say their worst... And after it's all said and done, the sun will continue to rise in the morning and set in the evening....Dogs will still bark & cats will still meow...Find your happiness!

Phantom Mare said...

Wow! Nicole, you said much.

A mouthfull of expression. :o)))

Anonymous said...

Delicious!! Just what I needed with my coffee and bagel. Keep going girl!!

Felicity said...

What is wrong with this man? I really really can't understand people, you are not related to him, even if you were, you are entitled to your own opinion, the problem is people like him should concentrate on their own lives, not concentrate on your life, he is not playing your bills, etc or looking after you. He has really got a lot of time on his hands, cursing you. Girl you are too blessed to be cursed. It is clearly obvious, that is he is pissed about the BW/WM thing. I wonder if he realises that we are all falling about laughing at the old fool.

Slim_Lola said...

I love that song.
I do feel that this song doesn't just apply to the small minded John Crawfords' of the world it applies to the so called black community.

I'm black but I'm a woman first and foremost.
That song speaks to me on many levels.

Tiffany said...

Now that didn't make any sense. I think he feels angry because he doesn't want to see black women happy. He obviously has issues. Now, people will see why black women have to be strong. Black men support white women all day and night. I mean, look at all the pics, websites, commercials featuring black men and white women. They aren't fighting producers either, as far as being involved with them in the media. A few black women put up a site featuring black women and white men, and it gets real silly.

Tiffany said...

I think it is great seeing black women in unity for a great reason. It is the way things should be. We shouldn't be lonely, fighting over one man and not looking to the future. Well, I take that back we can fight or Gerard Butler and Viggo. Ha Ha!
I it is great to see black women acting like sisters.

Boutique Mix Fashion said...


Anonymous said...

your beautiful

BeautifulBlkWoman said...

If that's a compliment then thank you kindly anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Yes it is a compliment !!! Your spirit shined through with that hateful and insulting letter in letting him know he aint worth s..t. I know what it is and it's jealousy because your spirit is still strong in the face of adversity faced by black people and perticularly by black women who don't fit the narrow standard of beauty in this society and disgusting bm who feed into too it by gulping down the kool aid.

My own personal view as a bm in America is that some us try to find worth value in ourself by tearing each other down and insulting our selves as a whole in the process.My spirit was broken as teen and was never fully regained ,so it does me proud to see someone break free and remain strong.

I was just on Mediatakeout and had a strong viseral reaction to the comments about the woman who won millions after Isiah Thomas sexually harassed her and it made me mad because this is not Stormfront run by nazis but brainwashed bp who are seduced by the media image of beauty, a coked up Britney Spears ,Drunken Lindsay Lohan ,and a weaved up Beyonce who I like. This is the link http://www.mediatakeout.com/23152/wanna_see_the_chick_that_isaiah_thomas_allegedly_harassed__you_aint_gonna_believe_this.html

On the positive side this a link to a beautiful video on Youtube of bw/am ,since you love asian men check it out ...and stay strong

BeautifulBlkWoman said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww thank you so much sweetie! It's nice to see brothers who actually get it. And they keep telling me that all I do is hate all Black men!

*kisses you on the cheek* Come back often, okay?

Anonymous said...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIbxxH3ZcCg this is the link to the video of asian men and black women who love each other ,please check it out .I forgot to ad the link got emotional from my last post.. I come from a home of three sisters [no brothes] and six neices and see the struggles they've gone through and are going through with the damaged. While I don't always agree with everything Sarah and Eva say I support the basics of theirs and your view piont ,"Cast a Wider Net ,to increase your chances of catching a good one and throw away the minnows and chum like john crawford.

JaliliMaster said...

U know whats funny? What the hell was he doing on your site in the first place? Since he sooo has such a problem with bw with non-bm. I've noticed that most bm who don't have issues would never send such negative and nasty comments or would just keep it movin'.

The fact that he felt the need to put you down to make himself feel better says alot about him!

Taylor-Sara said...

hey girl, loved your comments from the bm. Anon. Thats' support we don't see often huh. As for whatshisface, forget about him, If he did not care, he would not come here in the first place, This site is certainly not geared toward his ilk. But to take time and then send a nasty email. What a joke! You must of hit a nerve in him, Ha ha

Slim_Lola said...

No Black man better act like a Jealous fool over me unless he's gonna slip a ring on my finger!

I don't think all black men are like this. Being jealous over a woman you wouldn't date otherwise is stupid and petty!